Termonova is a Danish company which for more than 30 years has supplied most of Europe, as well as selected other countries, with 600×400 dollies for internal transport, handling and storage. Until the mid 1990’s, Termonova had Europe’s largest program of wheels for all purposes, but since then we have decided to focus mainly on ready-to-use transport and handling dollies and skates.

Termonova around 1980

Termonova around 1980

In close co-operation with our customers we continuously improve and develop our products. Product development has the highest priority with focus on quality and long lasting products.

With our MINI MOOVE®, Termonova is a market leader in today´s dollies and in many areas we set the standard.

Termonova A/S is based north of Copenhagen in Denmark. We have distributors, agents and wholesalers in most of the European countries.

600x400 dolly production

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