We realize that it can be difficult to pick the right dolly for the right purpose. Follow the links below or in the menu above to learn more about the many possibilities that MINI MOOVE® offers, and you can see which dolly that is best suited for your particular industry.

MINI MOOVE® is a series of quality dollies a very high durability. They are very useful within various industries, food retail, retail, meat processing, and bakeries. They are also ideal for internal transportation in offices, factories, warehouses and shops.

MINI MOOVE® is manufactured in a standard measure that equals 1/4 EUR-pallet, 600x400mm, and therefore suits all euronorm boxes and crates.

Mini-Moove-Standard-REDMINI MOOVE®S rugged injection moulded ABS frame is light and easy to clean and retain its mechanical strength over a wide temperature range. MINI MOOVE® dollies are manufactured to fit standard quarter EURO pallets, 600x400mm and therefore match most standard boxes and crates. MINI MOOVE® offers a unique combination of strength and safety in use with a compact design. It is a dolly delivered with your choice of wheels and castors in non-corrosive materials.
The plastic frame is gentle on the surroundings (i.e. floors and walls), which helps prevent high maintenance costs on interior such as cracked tiles and damaged door frames.

blue-crop-freeMINI MOOVE® is available in orange, blue, green and yellow. Special colours are available on request. MINI MOOVE® can be printed with your logo to fit your design profile.
Due to the unique choice of materials for components, the rolling resistance of MINI MOOVE® is 20% less when compared with other similar products. This is particularly noticeable when the load is more than 100 kg.

Uniflex fritlagtMINI MOOVE® Uniflex® is our flexible dolly that can be made to measure in any size from 220×220 to 1200x1200mm.

Please refer to some sample industry uses of our MINI MOOVE® dollies:

Meat industry




Storage and handling


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