Improve food safety with bakery tray dollies

MINI MOOVE® is ideal bakery tray dolly for internal transportation in the bakery industry. The width of the wheels and castors gives MINI MOOVE® far greater stability than similar dollies and the strong plastic castors makes it very quiet. The open corners make it very easy to clean, and it can even be cleaned in most tunnel washing machines.

Uniflex - custom fit

Mini Moove in a bakery

Mini Moove - versatile in bakery environments

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Our flexible MINI MOOVE® uniflex® is often used for containers that hold sugar, flour or other ingredients, but is also popular in cold storage, for instance with milk crates. Uniflex can be made in any size from 220x220mm to 1200x1200mm and can be used to transport crates, drums and boxes whether square, oblong or round.

Bakery tray dollies

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MINI MOOVE® gitter is our mesh frame dolly which can be used to transport odd size crates and containers up to 60x40cm. Gitter can also be delivered with many different types of wheels, castors and brakes according to your needs.

Bakery tray dolly

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