MINI MOOVE® can be used in many different ways in catering and industrial kitchens, only the sky is the limit. It is perfect for internal and external transportation of boxes and trays especially for catering services and can be used with various types of thermo boxes and plastic crates.

Caterer with Mini Moove

Mini Moove with thermo crates

Uniflex with stack of cups

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MINI MOOVE® standard with strong non corrosive plastic castors is our best selling dolly for large kitchens and catering. It is easy to clean in a crate washing machine and several large catering companies base their entire internal and external transportation on the MINI MOOVE® dolly due to its very high durability. Moreover it is approved for very high loads, because the unique location of the wheels add to its stability.
Available in 4 different colours which is ideal if the food production requires colour coding for different hygiene zones/areas.

Mini Moove orange large

Learn more about MINI MOOVE® standard

MINI MOOVE® uniflex® 515x515mm is our dish rack dolly which is specially designed for 50x50cm dish rack baskets and trays. You can use it with or without a drip tray and it is available with various wheel and castor types and can be delivered with a pulling bar.

Learn more about MINI MOOVE® uniflex®

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