Meat industry

Let meat crate dollies improve health and safety in your workplace!

MINI MOOVE® loads up to 350 kg and reduces the need for heavy lifting.

MINI MOOVE® is the preferred dolly in the meat processing industry and in butcher shops because it is very easy to clean, and when fitted with our strong plastic castors it is a less expensive alternative to stainless steel castors. Because of the strong plastic castors with built in drain MINI MOOVE® can be cleaned in crate washing machines over and over again.
The durable ABS frame can tolerates pretty much anything including high and low degrees of temperature. The flexible plastic castors is a great alternative to stainless steel as they are food safe and also reduce the weight of the dolly considerably.

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Industrial butcher

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Industrial washing


Industrial butcher with Uniflex

We recommend

For internal transportation of 60x40cm meat crates we recommend our popular MINI MOOVE® standard which similar to our other dollies is offered with many different types of wheels and castors and in 4 different colours. Standard is approved for use with food stuffs in compliance with the rules of the EU, and can be cleaned over and over again at high degrees of temperature without being damaged.

Should you require a dolly that can tolerate large variations in temperatures including longer stays in freezers MINI MOOVE® xtra is a very good choice, and the reinforced frame can carry up to 350kg.


Meat crate dollies

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If you need dollies in special measures please ask for MINI MOOVE® uniflex which is the perfect 800x600mm meat crate dolly for a wide range of boxes, baskets and containers. Uniflex is made from aluminium profiles and 4 corners made in a strong plastic combination, and can therefore also be used in freezing facilities.

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