In the medical industry the need for tailor made solutions often occur. Because of its flexible size MINI MOOVE® uniflex® can be used for transportation of round as well as square containers, and like our other products, it can easily be cleaned or desinfected.
Uniflex® tolerates large temperature changes and can therefore be cleaned in crate washing machines, and can be used in freezing facilities.

Mini Moove - ideal for medical environments

Uniflex - endless sizing possibilities

We recommend

MINI MOOVE® uniflex® can be fitted with several different wheel and castor types, and is also offered with brakes if that is required. Uniflex is offered in all measures from 22×22 to 120x120cm which makes it the most flexible dolly on the market.
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MINI MOOVE® xtra is also very useful in the medical industry, and is our strongest dolly. The reinforced frame allows it to carry up to 350kg and at the same time it tolerates extreme temperatures.
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