Storage and handling

MINI MOOVE® is being used in many warehouse facilities across Europe, and the 4 standard colours makes it popular because they offer the possibility of giving each department its own colour. This ensures that hygiene or work zone can have its own colour.
MINI MOOVE® is used for 60x40cm euronorm boxes but we also deliver custom made aluminium dollies for beer, fish and various beverage crates.

Mini Moove for internal handling

Yellow Mini Mooves with yellow crates

High-stacked Mini Mooves

We recommend

MINI MOOVE® ulight is our alternative for the price sensitive customer who needs a quality dolly that can carry up to 150kg. Ulight is offered with a wide range of wheels and castors and can also be delivered in a 100% non corrosive version.


Learn more about MINI MOOVE® ulight

MINI MOOVE® gitter is very useful for internal transportation in storage facilities, especially for odd size crates and boxes. With a maximum load of 275kg it is suitable for most jobs.


Learn more about MINI MOOVE® gitter

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