MINI MOOVE® is being used in several large supermarket and retail chains across Europe, and the 4 standard colours makes it popular because they offer the possibility of giving each department of the supermarket its own colour. This means that each hygiene zone can have its own colour.

MINI MOOVE® is used for 60x40cm euronorm boxes, but we also deliver custom made aluminium dollies for beer, fish and various beverage crates.

Green Mini Moove in supermarket

Blue Mini Moove with beer in supermarket

Uniflex with milk crates

We recommend

MINI MOOVE® standard is used in supermarkets for transportation of meat crates, bread trays, vegetable and milk crates. The open corners make it easy to clean and as all of our other dollies it is incredibly stabile and durable.
Mini Moove orange large
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MINI MOOVE® uniflex® is our flexible dolly that supermarkets use for their milk or beverage crates as it can be delivered in any measure from 220×220 to 1200x1200mm. Uniflex is able to operate in environments with changing temperatures.
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